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Strong Partnerships, Underpinned by Trust

Accreon has more than 450 completed projects serviced by our 200+ employees who average 15+ years of experience. We are recognized for providing exceptional service to both private and public sector clients with engagements ranging from a single software solution to a suite of applications. Our professional services team consists of strategic consultants, program/project managers, change managers, UX Designers, Architects, Developers, Quality Analysts/Testers, DevOps Engineers and Implementation specialists.

Engagement Excellence

Accreon’s engagement approach is based on six core principles that underpin the success of our client’s projects and the solutions we deliver.

  1. Client Engagement
  2. Domain and Technical Expertise
  3. Organizational/Environmental Adaptation
  4. Quality, Regulatory and Standards Adherence
  5. Effective Communication and Collaboration
  6. Speed to Productivity

Solution Delivery Excellence

Accreon’s solutions and offerings adhere to a solution delivery lifecycle (SDLC) that provides all the fundamental elements needed to produce a high value and high quality solution for our client. Accreon can engage with the client through the entire lifecycle through a combination of lifecycle phases or purely within a single phase itself. Every solution Accreon creates goes through these phases. Based on the solution required and the development methodology used (Waterfall, Iterative, Agile Scrum), the processes, activities, and deliverables vary. Regardless of the approach employed, Accreon ensures the solution meets business goals from strategy through to implementation.

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