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The Accreon Health Cloud

As technology continues to progress, interface development has become increasingly complex and resource-intensive. Mastering an array of ever-changing data formats and integration challenges calls for specialized tools and expertise. This time-consuming process takes you away from your core business, meaning you need a partner to help you face these demands head-on.   The Accreon Health Cloud AHC is a fully-managed Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), enabling healthcare data exchange across the care continuum. Combining decades of Accreon’s healthcare integration knowledge with a powerful, compliant, and secure cloud integration platform, AHC removes the burden of integration from your teams, closes the gap in your interoperability needs, and accelerates your time to market.  

For Healthcare Provider Organizations and Health Technology Vendors

Close the data gap in your care coordination efforts to drive safer, quality patient care.

  • Read how we connect skilled nursing data from PointClickCare to your EHR.

Accelerate your health technology or device solution time to market and make interoperability a major competitive advantage for your product.

  • Read how we remove integration obstacles and enable your solution with future-proof interoperability.

Streamline your user account provisioning (UAP) workflows.

  • Read how we automate and expedite the value of PointClickCare’s Identity and Access Management Solution.

The Value of the Accreon Health Cloud

For Healthcare Providers

  • Remove integration challenges, returning time to your IT staff
  • Leverage specialized expertise
  • Control labor, hardware, and software costs
  • Shift capital expenditures to an operating budget
  • Ensure ongoing reliability and support future expansion

For Health Technology Vendors

  • Keep your team focused on their core business
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Leverage specialized expertise
  • Stabilize predictable costs
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

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